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NManager is a software solution that will help you manage all the resources of the company. With the selection of the appropriate module packages or individual applications, NManager becomes a simple solution for the management which gives you constant insight into the business.
Tasks & Projects
NManager allows you to create tasks and projects, and assign them to individual employees. You can easily track the progress of each task and project over the dashboard. Also, for each task you can write comments and set deadlines.
For your customer support, you can create one or more accounts, add predefined responses and simultaneously respond to multiple users. In addition, there is a possibility of sorting ticket by several features.
Ability to monitor vehicles on the map, where you can choose between several types of maps (Google, BIng…). For each vehicle you can see details such as coordinates, speed, fuel consumption etc. In addition to information about the vehicle NManager gives you the option to display the path of the vehicle and set alerts / alarms.
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