NManager features


  • graphical representation of data on the business of your company
  • simple and quick overview of the situations and the events that saves your time and money
  • easier monitoring and measuring the performance, and the possibility of more rapid response to any negative trends
  • creating custom dashboard according to the needs of your company

  • Talks

  • creating talks / presentations / meetings
  • inviting employees to talks
  • review of held, future and pending talks
  • writing comments for talks
  • setting the maximum and minimum number of attendees
  • automatic scheduling of talks after the required number of attendees is registered

  • Surveys

  • creating internal surveys of employees and send them to employees via e-mail
  • creating survey questions
  • statistical review of the survey results (comments, the number of sent replies, number of received responses, average number of sent and received responses and deviations from the average...)
  • opportunity to comment for every evaluated employee

  • Tasks & projects

  • creating tasks and subtasks
  • creating projects
  • assigning tasks and subtasks to employees
  • posting comments on tasks
  • monitoring the duration and status of projects
  • setting priorities and deadlines for tasks
  • inserting attachments
  • monitoring of projects and tasks on the dashboard

  • Support tickets

  • creating one or more accounts for customer support
  • setting notifications and daily reports on tickets
  • assigning tickets to employees
  • reviewing and sorting tickets by priority and other characteristics
  • creating a database of predefined responses
  • responding to multiple users
  • internal message-comments on the tickets
  • manually creating a ticket by the Support Team
  • manual and automatic setting of deadline for response on ticket

  • Vehicles

  • showing the vehicles on the map (icon)
  • option of choosing different types of maps to show (Google, Open Street, Bing)
  • information about the vehicle on a map - coordinates, speed, driver...
  • calculate and display the path of the vehicle on the map
  • detailed view of all the parameters of the vehicle within the application itself: temperature, fuel... and collecting data in real time
  • setting of geographic zones (GeoFence) and send notifications when the vehicle enters and leaves the selected area
  • warnings - alarms for unexpected events: speeding and temperature in the vehicle, entering and leaving the marked zone, sudden acceleration etc.
  • routing - planning and finding the shortest path, and calculate mileage and time required to reach the destination
  • viewing and exporting the reports
  • Responsive design

    Free use of NManager for companies that have less than 10 employees.

    Detailed statistic

    A detailed overview of all statistics: number of created and held talks, completions of the projects within deadlines, overview of survey results etc.

    Free use

    NManager consists of several different modules. This allows you to select and pay only for those modules that are relevant to the business of your company.

    Choose your NManager package